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I am happy that I attend the class for my second pregnancy too. I learned a lot & it was better than the last time. The power of positive thinking has helped me a lot nowadays I don’t entertain a problem. I face like a tape recorder – rewinding & playing again and again what and how it happened. I feel like burden free. I can understand the importance of meditation and the bonding techniques better than the last time. I feel good about how I have changed now.


The baby in the womb. I get to know more people and get to interact with them, That makes me and baby so happy. Special thanks to our tutor “REVATHY” Akka and “SHOBANA” Akka for guiding and making us to learn more. “THANKS A LOT SHRISTI”.


Thank you for giving me a positive and very happy motherhood. I am blessed to meet such a “happy sweet, humble, positive, energetic human” in my life. I just to mention what all changes you have brought in me – good sleep, healthy, happy eating, reading, books, walking, breathing exercise, all about positive/happy approach.


Very informative the class was. Every activity, breathing and exercise made me more active. I guess I have got this confidence to deliver a baby beautifully and grow my child to something I desire for. Coming here was definitely a big change in my pregnancy. Interactive with Shristi mothers and teachers was another good experience.


Hi Mam, Overall class is very nice and fantastic whatever I am thinking outside was forgotten while I entered into Shristi class. Revathi mam and Shobana mam are interesting persons very entertain to talk.


Shristi class is very informative very helpful and I get to know many things about pregnancy and new-born stimulation which I am not aware before. The new thing that impress me more is infant stimulation class.


At first I was not very impressed about maternity class” just had a strong belief that all these are “Commercial hookers”. But once after been to Shristi I totally agree to the positive ideas and thoughts they cultivate in us.

“It is the most powerful creation to have life that is growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.”

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