Core Curriculum

Your child can be a born genius, provided he/she is given the right atmosphere to grow from the very beginning. A unique program has been developed to enhance the mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child, right from the time of the child´s conception by properly focusing and channelizing the thoughts and actions of the expectant mother through various methods.

The methods include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, mental stimulation and bonding techniques, presentations on pregnancy care, delivery, child care, etc., mind games and memory games, peacebuilding skills, infant stimulation techniques, face-to-face with experts, group discussion, audiovisual presentations and a lot more.

Even our great epics depict how Abimanyu, Pragaladh, and many other characters acquired their special talents and skills when they were in their mother´s womb.

By these techniques the child becomes a well-balanced child in all aspects and develops self-confidence, grasping power, memory power, concentration, appreciation of arts, problem-solving and decision-making skills, patriotism, and spirituality at a very early stage. As the child grows up it has been scientifically proved that they excel the children of mothers who were not aware of or have not practiced such enhancement techniques.

The program aims at helping the mothers to give birth to a well-balanced child by acquiring certain self-development skills and practicing them. It also makes them aware of the dos and don’ts during pregnancy and the resultant benefits.

This is an exclusive program where all the guidance and support needed during pregnancy are catered. The advice of Yogis, gynecologists, pediatricians, child psychologists, beauticians, dieticians, etc are all compiled and brought to you in one single program.

The get-to-gather of all expectant mothers gives them an opportunity to share their experiences. Though they are all on the same boat, each of their experiences will be different.

This program also has audiovisual sessions which give a wider knowledge of pregnancy care, delivery, and child care techniques practiced in the rest of the world, and how best can those be modified and adapted to suit our circumstances.

The mind games and memory games of this program guide the mother in ´educating the unborn child´. It triggers the memory centers of the child and inculcates problem-solving and decision making skills so that the baby has such beautiful skills ‘inborn’ in him. The child is able to strive for greater heights from a raised platform when he grows up. Thus this program is specially designed to enhance the expectant mother and to help her deliver a well-balanced child well on the path to become a genius!

pregnant mother


Bonding techniques

Infant Stimulation techniques

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises

Visualisation techniques

Dietary guidance

Pregnancy care

Different stages of labour

Lamaze breathing during labour

Special exercise for normal delivery

Post delivery care and exercise

Breast feeding

Baby care


Exclusive video show

Group discussions

An interactive session for couple

Mind Games, Memory games

“Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God. Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star.”

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