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The Vital Role of Breastfeeding in Mother’s Journey

Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding mothers
Introduction Breastfeeding, like a sturdy foundation for a child’s early nourishment, carries great meaning in the Shristi Foundation’s mission for a healthier and brighter future. Central to our mission is a profound appreciation for how breastfeeding profoundly impacts both little ones and their mothers, ushering in transformative effects.  In this…

The Role of Dietary Guidance and Shristi Foundation in Your Journey

Dietary Guidance
Introduction Welcoming a new life into the world marks a truly wondrous and extraordinary journey. It begins with the choices you make, especially when it comes to your diet. During pregnancy, your body undergoes incredible changes. We cannot overstate the importance of dietary guidance. It’s not just about “eating for…

Prenatal Vitamins: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

prenatal vitamins
Introduction The journey of pregnancy is beautiful, brimming with changes and growth for both you and your baby. Ensuring prenatal vitamins, for both you and your baby is vital during this stage. During pregnancy taking vitamins is important, for providing nutrients that support both your well-being and the growth of…

Top 8 Post Delivery Care and Exercise By Experts – 2023

Post Delivery
post delivery care and exercises
Introduction As you embrace the beautiful journey of motherhood, it’s vital to prioritize your well-being during the postpartum period. Post delivery care and exercise play a pivotal role in nurturing your body and mind after childbirth. This phase marks a time of recovery and adaptation, making it essential to adopt…

Baby Care Guidance Made Simple: Expert Tips for New Parents

Baby Care
Baby Care Guidance - Shristi Foundation
Introduction As a parent or caregiver, there’s nothing more rewarding than ensuring your little one’s well-being and happiness. This blog aims to provide you with the ultimate source of knowledge and support on all aspects of guiding baby care. From feeding and diapering to sleep routines and developmental milestones, we’ll…

Online Pre Pregnancy Classes: A Comprehensive Guide

Online Pre Pregnancy Classes: A Comprehensive Guide
Introduction Explanation of online pre pregnancy classes Online Pre pregnancy classes are educational programs designed to prepare women and their partners for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. These classes typically cover topics such as fertility, nutrition, prenatal care, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and newborn care. The goal of pre pregnancy classes…






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Pregnant women studying prenatal yoga training book


At first I was not very impressed about maternity class” just had a strong belief that all these are “Commercial hookers”. But once after been to Shristi I totally agree to the positive ideas and thoughts they cultivate in us. I myself changed a lot by attitude and Ahimsa. “Meditation” make wonders in us. Exercise actually helped me lot in relieving from back pain etc. Stimulation classes are really good!! Shobana and Revathy akka are bonus to Shristi. Vaalga Vaiyagam!! Vaalga Valamudan!!

Shristi Mother

Very informative the class was. Every activity, breathing and exercise made me more active. I guess I have got this confidence to deliver a baby beautifully and grow my child to something I desire for. Coming here was definitely a big change in my pregnancy. Interactive with Shristi mothers and teachers was another good experience. I am glad I could join and get benefitted from Shristi.

Dipika Jain
Shristi Mother

Hi Mam, Overall class is very nice and fantastic whatever I am thinking outside was forgotten while I entered into Shristi class. Revathi mam and Shobana mam are interesting persons very entertaining to talk. Previously I thought of some things as negative in my previous child now I understood those are good signs.

Thank you very much.

Megala S
Shristi Mother

The baby in the womb. I get to know more people and get to interact with them, Which makes me and baby so happy. Special thanks to our tutors “REVATHY” Akka and “SHOBANA” Akka for guiding and making us learn more. “THANKS A LOT SHRISTI”.

Classes very interactive. Gained knowledge about how to handle our baby. The Asanas they thought were useful especially pranayama. This class gives a different aspect of handling children. I personally feel baby moments when performing some activities. This gives me a view of my baby’s likes before even I happen to see my child. Thanks to “SHRISTI”. I travel for 50 mins daily to reach the class and I feel it’s really worth the efforts are taken.

Sindhu S
Shristi Mother

Shristi class is very informative very helpful and I get to know many things about pregnancy and new-born stimulation which I am not aware before. The new thing that impress me more is infant stimulation class. I feel like this is new way of making couples and others known more about pregnancy care and more about making the infant in wombs as good human being. This is new way of “REFINING AND TUNING”.

Kokila A
Shristi Mother

Thank you for giving me a positive and very happy motherhood. I am blessed to meet such a “happy sweet, humble, positive, energetic human” in my life. I just to mention what all changes you have brought in me – good sleep, healthy, happy eating, reading, books, walking, breathing exercise, all about positive/happy approach. Give excellent knowledge on how the pregnancy impacts the behavior and other aspects of child. Recommend it. In future I proud “I am a Shristi Mother”. Thank you Shristi.

Best wishes to “Kumutaavalli Mam”. And the director of Shristi: Shobana Akka. She is very helpful mind. Most loveable carrying person.

Shristi Mother

I am happy that I attend the class for my second pregnancy too. I learned a lot & it was better than the last time. The power of positive thinking has helped me a lot nowadays I don’t entertain a problem. I face like a tape recorder – rewinding & playing again and again what and how it happened. I feel burden-free. I can understand the importance of meditation and bonding techniques better than the last time. I feel good about how I have changed now. Thank you so much. The group activities actually help us a lot develop a friendship and to share laughter. I personally thank all the staff for their friendly behavior. They motivate us to do a lot of things and they share their experiences genuinely.

The enthusiasm shower by Shobana akka affects and impacts us too. This gives us the confidence to ask her any doubts. Revathi mam and Abi mam are friendly and easily communicable. I thank you all three.

Keep rocking!

Shristi Mother