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Classes for Pregnancy Care

Keerthana Ravindran
Keerthana Ravindran
umaa magheswari
umaa magheswari
Sathya Periyasamy
Sathya Periyasamy
Thank you shristi for wonderful class with reasonable rate .thank you sudha mam, and kumuthavalli mam for framing this wonderful session which covers pre pregnancy to post pregnancy care and infant care,this class helps me to clear all my doubts and myths ,the knowledge gathered from here helps me to give exclusive breast feeding for my prince and also the bonding techniques and positive affirmations and visualization techniques helps lot.
Janani D
Janani D
Sreemathi Neethibabu
Sreemathi Neethibabu
rajanandhini manoharan
rajanandhini manoharan
Revathi Chellaiah
Revathi Chellaiah
Their exercises and yogas are very useful for pregnant women. Internal peaceful and remove unwanted fears through their guidelines. I enjoyed class so much.
Nivedha Nandhini
Nivedha Nandhini
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Health care training that a pregnant woman receives from an obstetrician or a midwife. Services needed include dietary and lifestyle advice, weighing to ensure proper weight gain, and examination for problems of pregnancy such as edema and preeclampsia.

Pregnancy Care & Yoga Training

Prenatal Simulation Training

Enrich Child's IQ Training


Happy mother playing with her healthy child after doing online prenatal yoga training

Our Birth

Shristi antenatal care and prenatal care classes were started in June 2003 by its founder Ms. Kumutaa Valli Shiv Kumar MS(psy). With her own experience and with the advice of Yogis, gynaecologists, paediatricians, child psychologists, beauticians, and dieticians, the founder is successfully conducting this prenatal care classes in its head office in Erode and also has its branches in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Tirupur.

Now online pregnancy care training are also available for those who are not able to travel.  More than 10000+ women have enrolled in our pregnancy care classes and benefitted from our outstanding training on Pregnancy care, Pre Pregnancy Prenatal Classes and Antenatal care programs.

Shristi is a unique program designed to enhance the total development of the child right from the womb, by properly focusing the thoughts and actions of expectant mothers & through various other stimulation techniques. Shristi aims at helping pregnant mothers to deliver totally well-balanced children – mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Shristi offers a 2 months Prenatal Programme (48 hrs Course) for pregnant mothers. As of date, there are 10000+ Shristi babies in our society, since its inception in 2003.

Online Pregnancy Classes

Pregnancy is just like a budding stage of seed. When you grow a sampling, you need to give water and good fertilizer to grow. And take utmost care until it succeeds. Similarly, in pregnancy, when a bud is growing inside your womb. You need to be very careful and safe during this period. Most of them take it casually during their initial stage. But it is wrong! A budding seed needs a better environment and a safe place to blossom like a healthy flower. You need expert help and tips during your initial stage of pregnancy. That’s the reason online pregnancy care classes are there to serve you. 

Shristi Foundation offers offline and online pregnancy care classes, and we are devoting our efforts to making your pregnancy safe and comfortable. We conduct different specialized pregnancy care classes at each & every stage of pregnancy to ease your pregnancy problems. We covered a vast area of pregnancy-related care for pregnant women. Some of them are fetal development, important pregnancy care tips, labour, coping mechanisms, post-delivery care, and more.

Are you a little bit nervous about your first pregnancy? Then Shristi Foundation is there to flourish your negative thoughts to a positive vibe for the betterment of your health.

Online Pregnancy classes

Why Shristi Pregnancy care center?

Why Shristi Pregnancy Care Center?

The day you know that you are pregnant is the most memorable day for you. But during your pregnancy, you will be experiencing mixed feelings now and then. Sometimes you feel that you are the happiest person in the world and suddenly you are not. In that situation, for support, you need pregnancy care center along with your family members too. Suppose you are searching for a pregnancy care center with expert trainers and a beautiful environment. In that case, Shristi Foundation is one of the tops in offering these facilities for over 15 years! “We believe that if a mother is healthy, then the baby inside the womb is healthy too.” We are committed to bringing a new bud into the blossoming flower to cherish the parental world healthily.

Come to us and take all our support and helping hand to ease your pregnancy problems and enhance your health and baby’s health too! We provide valuable tips on pregnancy diets & and proper training for yoga postures. Apart from that, we also offer one to one counselling to understand women’s problems and feelings during the pregnancy and provide useful advice to stay happy and avoid stress and anxiety.

We, Shristi Foundation, are always with you even after the classes are completed to welcome the brand new of yourself to our world full of joy and happiness

Childbirth Education Classes

Giving birth to a new baby is not easy! It is the most difficult and painful phase of our life. It can be easy and hassle-free when Shristi Foundation is with you! We will build up your confidence and inner ability level so that you can cope with this hard time. Our childbirth education classes will help you overcome some of the extreme mood swings because we develop a proper childbirth training strategy. This strategy will help you to boost your mental ability and strengthen it to handle childbirth pressure.

Childbirth education classes

Pre-pregnancy classes online

Pre Pregnancy Classes Online

A mother carries her baby for nine-month inside her womb, and when a baby comes into her mother’s arms an Awesome feeling!!!! To retrieve the bundle of happiness we need to take care of ourselves and our baby too. A pregnant woman should get the utmost attention from the caregiver as well as from their loved ones. An expecting mother should know the importance of early pregnancy class also known as Pre-pregnancy class. She needs to learn about baby development and her baby movement. Therefore, an expected mother should join the best Pre-pregnancy classes online. And Shristi Foundation can mentor you, guide you, assist you and help you at every phase of your pregnancy journey. 

Being the best caregiver and supporter of all new and expected moms, Shristi Foundation stands for its dignity and selfless caring & helping hand for every pregnant woman. Our Pre-pregnancy classes online think for the wellbeing of mother and baby too. You can come here and meet our expected moms and dads to ease your pregnancy phase. You can get to know what are all major healthy prevention measures are taken to cope with pregnancy labor pain. Your safety and your baby’s development are our main agenda to create a better world for you and for your baby too.

Prenatal Classes Online

A bud needs to grow in a safe & secure environment. We believe that prenatal classes are very much vital for pregnant women. The first phase of pregnancy is a crucial time! You need to take utmost care and should remain under the protected arm. And we, Shristi Foundation pregnancy care training center, can be your protected arm where you can feel safe and happy.

Our prenatal classes are very informative and effective for all new moms for being moms for the first time. We are more than happy and always be there to support you! 

What is a prenatal classes online?

It connects with pregnant women and with their partners to teach them about every aspect of pregnancy and the phase of delivery. And our class is meant for all pregnant women who are willing to join and make their pregnancy healthy.

Why do we need our Online Prenatal Classes?

All Pregnant women need this session to boost their confidence level when a birth is approaching. It is just like adding salt to pacify your taste. Prenatal classes online will give your motherhood a taste of a happy experience. You can opt for Online Prenatal classes at each stage of your pregnancy. There is no hard & rule that you can’t get benefits from this class. You can join if you are last trimester also.

Shristi Foundation cares and thinks for you at every step of your pregnancy. Join our prenatal class and enjoy our valuable brainstorming class and enhance your motherhood.

Tips our prenatal classes instructor gives

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stay hydrated always
  •  intake a nutritious diet with plenty of fresh foods (and know which foods to avoid).
  • consume prenatal vitamins.
  • Make a daily exercise for at least 150 minutes a week.
  • Eat medicine as prescribed.
  • Keep track of your pregnancy changes if any discomfort persists call your doctor immediately
  • Understanding labour and delivery minutely
  • How to access the hospital or birthing center once you arrive.
  • Necessary things needed if preparing for a home birth.

Shristi Foundation is the best online Prenatal classes that ever you have been gone through. Your health comes first on our priority list! Leading a good and healthy life is everyone’s choice, especially for pregnant women who are going to give birth to their little ones. “Make your world stress free and enjoy the worldly experience of being Mom first time’’. Join our online Prenatal class and enjoy your pregnancy phase with us.

Prenatal classes online


Mindful meditation

Multi sensory stimulation techniques

Energising yoga

Visualisation techniques

Sensible dietary guidance

Important pregnancy care tips

Labour and coping mechanisms

Lamaze breathing during labour

Special exercise to aid normal delivery

Post delivery care and exercise

Breast feeding

Guidance on baby care

Conscious parenting techniques

Exclusive videos on related topics

Group discussions

An interactive session for couple

Mind Games, Memory games


“9 Months Preparing To Fall In Love For A Life Time Because You Never Understand The Life Until It Grows Inside Of You”