What is prenatal stimulation?

It is a technique that uses various stimuli such as sound music, mother’s voice vibrations, movements etc. to communicate with the baby in the womb.

The baby recognizes & responds to different stimuli, which encourages physical, mental & sensory development of the child in the womb.

What should I do during my pregnancy?

  • Experts have identified a critical period of 33months (9months of pregnancy+ the first 24months of the child) during which a specific part of the brain is open for stimulation, after which it closes forever.

  • During this period, infants crave for inputs as they have a biological need to learn.

  • Also 80% of the brain development is over before the child is 3years old.

  • Sharon Begley, after interviewing several neurobiologists, wrote, Pregnancy Care, Prenatal Stimulation, Prenatal Classes, Child Brain Development With the right input at the right time, almost anything is possible. But if you miss the critical period, you’re playing with a handicap. Pregnancy Care, Prenatal Stimulation, Prenatal Classes, Child Brain Development

    − Sharon Begely,
    a science columnist and science editor of Newsweek

What is Shristi program all about?

It aims at increasing the infant potential by enhancing the expectant mother.

It helps pregnant mothers to deliver well balanced children by acquiring certain skills and learning certain prenatal and infant stimulation techniques and by properly focusing and channelising their thoughts and actions.(For more details click about us)

How does it work for my child?

Your child gets lot of stimulation at a very early stage which helps a lot in his / her brain development.

Your child .becomes more balanced – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Your child develops grasping power, concentration, appreciation of arts, decision making and problem solving skills at an early stage.

When the child grows, you will see that he/she is much ahead off in all aspects than the children of other Mothers who have not practiced such enhancement techniques.

How does Shristi help me?

Shristi program helps you to deliver a well balanced child.

You acquire many beautiful skills and gain wider knowledge on pregnancy care, fetal development, stages of labor, delivery, child care, parenting techniques, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and a lot more.

You learn physical exercises which helps you deliver normally.

You also learn various breathing techniques for different stages of labour which relaxes you and also energizes you during labour.

It is a once in life time opportunity to design your child as and how you want him/her to be. Dream, think and act on it in a more focused manner. You can be a proud mother of a born genius!

What more it does to me than my gynecologist?

It aims more at the mental and emotional development of the fetus. You spend 45 hrs during the course of your pregnancy for learning and practicing these stimulation techniques. It is practically not possible for a gynecologist to spend so much time with every expectant mother, even if she is willing to do so.

How is Shristi unique?

This is like the one stop shop where you get all that you need for your child during pregnancy.

Advices of Yogis, gynecologists, pediatrician, psychologist, dietician, beautician, etc., are all compiled and brought to you under one program. You needn’t approach them individually which will involve lot of time, strain, and money.

Shristi takes care of the mental, emotional and spiritual development of the fetus so that many beautiful skills and special talents become inborn in the child.

How does group discussions help me?

It is an opportunity for you to meet lot more expectant mothers who sail on the same boat as you do and exchange your experiences and views and solve more practical problems , more than being a get- to-gather.

How does the mind game help?

You take up a very interesting concept of ´ learn while you play ´ and also ´ educate the fetus as you play! ´ Besides widening your knowledge, it also teaches problem solving and decision making skills to the fetus so that these skills will become inborn skills to your child so that your child could strive for greater heights from a raised platform.

Is there any proof of its working?

Of course a lot! There are a lot more living examples too. As how an architect designs his building,you can actually design your baby as and how you wish the baby to be. For example Padmashree Kamala Hasn, the well known actor was designed to be an artist by his mother during her pregnancy. She voluntarily exposed herself to dance, music and play during the whole term of her pregnancy and kept thinking about her wish to make him a great artist. We all know how it worked!

Even great epics depict how Pragaladh learnt Vedas when his mother was learning them from saint Nerada when she was carrying Pragaladh or how Arjuna acquired most of his skills even before he was born!(click merits for more)

Is there any research done by Shristi on the efficacy of such stimulation exercises?

Yes. See merits for details of the research findings.
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What is the benifit of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises during pregnancy?

Yoga work wonders on your health and your capability to have a smooth pregnancy.Smooth pregnancy and a natural childbirth are just some of the benefits of yoga. But more importantly, yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of the child in the womb.Ensuring a healthy baby is every woman’s dream and yoga helps you do just that.

Yoga exercises – These gently work on the reproductive organs and pelvis to ensure a smooth pregnancy and a relatively easy childbirth. These ensure optimum supply of blood and nutrients to the developing child in your womb.

Breathing or Pranayama – These powerful techniques ensure abundant supply of oxygen and a better life force for you and your child. These methods work on your fitness during pregnancy.

Meditation – As a therapeutic tool, meditation will help you resolve the deepest of neuroses, fears and conflicts, which are so common during pregnancy. Meditation brings with it an incredible awareness, which helps you connect with your child in a way that is impossible to explain.

Deep Relaxation - Yoga nidra (Yogic sleep) is particularly effective during pregnancy for physical and mental relaxation as well as for childbirth preparation.

To get the phenomenal benefits of yoga on your pregnancy, practice these easy routines regularly. Not only will you be on your way to a delightful pregnancy but also you will give your child an opportunity for best development. Good luck and go ahead!